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Coffee Catering for Corporate Events & Weddings

Infuse Your Events With The Perfect Brew

We are committed to making your event a grand success!

With over 9 years of brewing exceptional and specialty coffee blends in both corporate & private events, we strives to value add by creating a unique and customised experience to each and every client & event.

We want to delight every guest at your event with a good cup of coffee served with our personal attention and unparalleled service. Whether it’s a morning meeting, conference, or wedding event, we bring coffee cart & live barista stations to you!

Beside live coffee carts, we also deliver fresh bottled cold brews & coffee in canisters for your event!

Based in Singapore, our team and coffee roaster is a member and certified by the Specialty Association of Europe (SCAE), an international professional body for specialty coffee.

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Our Coffee

Fresh, local and amazing.


Why choose us?

Everywhere, Anywhere!

Hunting for good coffee in your office, exhibition, or private event? We ensure the best coffee for events in Singapore.

Kafve Coffee offers your guests or attendees the best brew to sip on wherever the event is!


Customise your own coffee experience for your guests with your brand name, logo, or design on our Coffee Cart, Cold Brews, and Coffee Cups at your event!

Our Coffee – Your Event, Your Name!


Our coffee cart can churn up to 150 cups per hour. We conveniently support multiple locations at the same time. Let us know your requirements and sit back to relax!


Coffee Live Stations in Singapore

Kafve Coffee’s barista live station is designed with simplicity and convenience in mind. We effortlessly transport and set up our station at your chosen location, no matter the time or place! 

We, barista experts, come fully equipped with all the essential supplies for your event. A small area and access to a nearby power point are all we need to ensure a seamlessly running coffee live station. Our state-of-the-art commercial-grade equipment is meticulously calibrated to serve you specialty-brewed beverages at the perfect temperatures!


Coffee Menu




Flat White

Americano / Long Black

Want to cater to non-coffee drinks too?


Hot Chocolate

Matcha Latte

Hojicha Latte

Premium Tea Selection

More than Coffee


Are you someone who is very passionate about coffee?


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer any options for non-coffee drinkers at events.?

Yes, absolutely! We have a selection of non-coffee options, that include Hot Chocolate, Matcha Latte, Hojicha Latte, and Premium Teas. This helps us ensure that all your event attendees can delight the sips of their favorite beverage even if it’s not the classic coffee.

What do you need for live coffee cart station?

Live Coffee Cart’s logistical requirements:

  • 1.5m x 1.5m working space for coffee cart
  • 1 powerpoint (13amp) within 2 metres from the coffee cart
  • Event floor must be lift accessible as the coffee cart may be on wheels.
    Do let us know in advance if the event level is not lift accessible

How do I go about booking your coffee services?

Booking our service is easy! Visit our website’s “Book Now” section and follow the simple steps to secure our services for your event. You may also call us directly at +65 8779 8380 to speak to our team in case of any queries and provide a memorable coffee experience for your guests.

What payment method do you accept?

We accept PayNow, Bank Transfer and also Credit Card* payments.

*Merchant charges apply

Will you be able to maintain consistency in the taste and quality of coffee for more than one-day events?

Yes, why not! It’s all in the details. We maintain stringent quality control measures, from precise brewing techniques to meticulous bean selection. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every cup is brewed exactly the same, no matter how many times we set up our coffee live station in Singapore.

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