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In-house Coffee Baristas

Coffee is the most consumed beverage, especially across workplaces around the globe. Coffee lovers are more appreciative of a fresh and aromatic cup of specialty coffee.

No one needs it more than your hardworking team who needs a refreshing cup of coffee every morning to boost themselves for hectic working hours.

Perk up your office morale and create a welcoming first impression for your clients with amazing in-house coffee baristas in Singapore! Grinding and brewing each and every cup on demand, customise your own menu with coffee and non-coffee options for you and your colleagues at the workplace! 

Ever thought of having your own in-house coffee barista in your office? Thinking of ways to enhancing your employee welfare?

With KAFVE’s Office Barista, now you can! Coffee has become an integral part of workplace culture and there’s no reason why your office space should not have one!

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With our office coffee barista service in Singapore, you can enjoy different collections in espresso-style coffee, Cappuccino, Latte, Flat White, and
Americano / Long Black.

We also offer non-coffee options in the menu for alternatives to coffee.


Getting a speciality coffee on-site at the simple push of a button is something that your employees and clients would enjoy! The convenience of office coffee baristas cannot be ignored as it encourages productivity, improved customer service, and a higher level of satisfaction in your workplace.


We are experienced in serving freshly brewed espresso coffee in small, medium, and large-sized workplaces. We love making and serving fresh, creamy, and aromatic coffee quickly, without sacrificing its quality. We use the best brewing techniques and practices to offer ultimate coffee to employees and visitors.

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