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Introducing Kafve @ Work 

Inspiring Your Employees With Craft Specialty Coffee Brewed Freshly  @ Your Workplace! 



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In-house Coffee Baristas

Coffee is the most consumed beverage, especially across workplaces around the globe. Coffee lovers are more appreciative of a fresh and aromatic cup of specialty coffee.

No one needs it more than your hardworking team who needs a refreshing cup of coffee every day to boost themselves among the hectic working hours.

Perk up your office morale and create a welcoming first impression for your clients with amazing in-house coffee baristas in Singapore! Grinding and brewing each and every cup on demand, customise your own menu with coffee and non-coffee options for you and your colleagues at the workplace! 

Ever thought of having your own in-house coffee barista in your office? Thinking of ways to enhancing your employee welfare?

With Kafve @ Work, now you can! Coffee has become an integral part of workplace culture and there’s no reason why your office space should not have one!

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