Cold Brew Delivery 

Delivering fresh coffee to your door step!


Working from Home and Craving a Good Cup of Coffee?

Delivering freshly brewed and refreshing cold brew coffee to your door step!

Featuring one of our customers’ favourite blend of Brazil Cerrado & India Monsoon Malabar. Our cold brew is brewed & steeped with cold water for 10-12 hours. This creates and allows the coffee concentrate to provide a mellower & a fuller body with less harsh acidity in comparison with traditional iced coffee (brewed with hot water and served chilled).

Get your caffeine sorted for the week with our cold brew bundles!

Free delivery islandwide on any 2 bundles ordered!

Roasted, Brew & Bottled in Singapore.


Door Step Delivery

Free delivery for 2 bundles and above!

*Except for Sentosa & Tuas

If you're only buying 1 bundle, there will be a small $3/- delivery fee.

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Brew to Order

We only brew fresh coffee upon receiving your order! Rest assured all coffee and tea are brewed freshly.

Receive fresh, drink fresh! 

Subscriptions Available

Receive fresh coffee every week and get your caffeine fixes sorted for the week! Enjoy 10% off + Free Shipping with your weekly subscriptions! ! 

Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Brew Black

Bundle of 6 @ $33/- 

Pure, unadulterated cold brew coffee. For those who can't wait for their morning pick-me-up, then this unsweetened, pure black cold brew made from 100%  Arabica Beans is all you. Just pour and go. 

Well balanced with full body. Best consumed chilled or with ice.

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Cold Brew Latte

Bundle of 6 @ $36/- 

For milk & latte lovers, we know you want to have a savoury yet refreshing & light option to your palette.

Smooth, slightly sweet & super refreshing with nut & milk chocolate favours. Best consumed chilled or with ice. 

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Cold Brew with Soy / Oat Milk

Bundle of 6 @ $39

Join the healthier movement with plant-based milk & sugar-free option! W/out compromising on the body & flavours of the coffee, our dairy-free cold brew can still taste as good, if not better, than regular milk coffee! 

Shake well before consumption.

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Bundle of 6 @ $39/-

Smooth, bold, and chocolatey. A caffeinated boost and deliciously refreshing. ‘Nuff said.

Comes in bundles of 6.

Available in Dairy Milk.

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Cold Brew Tonic

Bundle of 6 @ $36/-

Cold, caffeinated and bubbly cold brew fix for your morning & afternoon perk-me-up! Extremely refreshening & thirst-quenching cold brew you gonna crave for more!

Unsweetened, pure cold brew concentrate paired with tonic water.

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Fuel Coffee (1L)

1L from $25

We know you want more coffee. UPSIZE your caffeine fix with more coffee fuel today!

Available in Cold Brew Black, Cold Brew Latte, Cold Brew Oat Latte.

Each fuel bottle contains 1L of coffee.

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2 Litres Cold Brew

2 Litres Cold Brew @ $48/-

Too Little Coffee? We got your back. 

Simply remove seal, pull and drink fresh coffee! Perfect for small gatherings & meetings! 

Each pack serves up to 10 pax

Available in Cold Brew Black & Latte.

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More than Coffee


Bundle of 6 @ $39/- 

Calling for all green tea & matcha lovers! Our signature Matcha carefully selected  & blended inhouse, we use Japanese Matcha leaves only! Contains Dairy.

Available with Almond or Oat Milk.

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Hojicha Latte

 Bundle of 6 @ $39/- 

Our Hojicha (roasted green tea) are harvested from prestigious region of Uji, home of Japanese tea, in Kyoto Japan. Contains Dairy.

Available with Almond or Oat Milk.

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Yamato Bundle of 6

Bundle of 6 @ $39/- 

Can't decide between Hojicha & Matcha, go for the best of both world and enjoy 3 Matcha & Hojicha each! Contains Dairy.

Available with Almond or Oat Milk.

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Dark Cocoa

Bundle of 6 @ $39/- 

Indulge yourself with 100% Ivory Coast Cocoa with full-bodied, dark & earth chocolate blend - customers’ favorite! Contains Dairy.

Available with Almond or Oat Milk.

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Coffee beans

Coffee beans

200 grams @ $18/-

Want to make coffee at home? Suitable for Espresso machines, Drip, Filter & French press brewing method! 

Whole beans or grounded beans

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Coffee Drip Bags

Have good filter coffee in a matter of minutes at home or while travelling!

Simply pour hot water to wet the coffee grind for around 30 seconds to extract sweetness & flavour. Continue to pour slowly and evenly and let it all drip!

Available in 10 and 15 drip bags.

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Delivery Schedule

Order Cut Off Day of DeliveryDelivery Time
Before Saturday 12 Noon Every Monday10 AM - 8 PM
We brew our cold brew on demand and it requires to be steep and brew in cool water for over 12 hours before we could start the filtration process which takes 2-3 days minimally. Having said that, we do have a fix brewing & delivery schedule to ensure freshness and quality of our coffee delivered to you.
For specific date & time delivery or express deliveries, please do contact us separately and will be based on availability of brew. Additional express courier charges may apply.


How big is 1 bottle of cold brew?

Each bottle, unless stated otherwise, contains 210ml of goodness 😉

Fuel coffee has 1L of coffee.

Coffee On Tap (2L) has 2L of coffee.

How long can I keep my cold brew?

Nothing gold can stay, leftover coffee included. Luckily, with the soft extraction of cold brew, our cold brew is best consumed within 5 days in the refrigerator. Keep it chill at all times. Recommended to be store <6 degrees to ensure freshness.

We believe in serving fresh cold brews and thus encourage our customers to only order what they need for the upcoming week so as to truly enjoy the coffee flavours! Speak to us for subscriptions options & receive your cold brew freshly every week!

How long can cold brew last without refrigerated?

As the brewing method is unlike the traditional method of extracting coffee grounds using hot water, it is best if it can be refrigerated at all times before it’s being consumed. Especially those with milk, we encourage you to drink from chilled and fresh from the fridge!

What is your delivery schedule & time?

Refer to our delivery schedule here.

Our delivery will be scheduled between 10 AM to 8 PM on respective scheduled delivery days. Kindly note that we are not able to advise on any exact timings as this solely depends on the courier’s delivery schedule & route for the day.

Need an express delivery on a specific day? It’s definitely possible! Please reach out to us separately via Whatsapp or Email. Additional courier and express charges may apply.

Bulk orders – please Whatsapp or Email to ask separately for bulk rates.

Any additional charges for Sentosa & Tuas?

Yes, there will be additional shipping charges for Sentosa & Tuas. Please continue to check out and our team will reach out to you with regards to the additional charges involved based on your delivery address after you’ve placed your order.

I am not free or available to receive the items based on the delivery schedule above. Can I make a special request on specific timings?

Please make a comment on your preferred delivery day &  time if you are not available to receive based on our delivery schedule (see above) and our delivery team will do our best to accommodate!

It is important that you chill the cold brew as soon as you receive them to ensure the freshness! For more information, please reach out to us via Whatsapp @ +65 8779 8380

Any option for contactless delivery amidst COVID-19?

Due to COVID 19 situation, our drivers will be doing a contactless delivery to reduce contact and as part of precautionary measures. They will be hanging your cold brews on your door or putting them at your gate after ringing your doorbell!

Can I recycle the bottles for my next purchase?

This was our initial intention! In view of the current COVID 19 situation, our team has decided to pause this initiative for safety of our customers, drivers and handling team. We will introduce recycling of bottles again once the pandemic is over!

Can you do deliveries to multiple locations?

Yes! We are able to make deliveries to different locations. Free delivery applies to any minimum purchase of 2 bundles for each delivery address!

Any bulk discounts for bulk orders for events or catering?

Definitely! We are able to give special discounts on bulk orders due to economies of scale. Our friendly team will be able to assist you on this, speak to us!

Other questions not listed above?

There’s a contact form at the end of this page – reach out to us and our team will get back to you soon!

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