Nitrogen Coffee Bar

Is it Guinness? Is it draft beer? No, it’s craft draft coffee!

Pulled straight from the tap, immerse your guests in this visually intriguing nitrogen infused coffee, cascading beautifully through the glass before their very eyes.


The new morning beer

Looks like stout, pours like stout, tastes… like a smooth, velvety, chocolatey, refreshing ice-cold coffee. With notes of chocolate, barley and malts, topped off with a splash of crema, indulge your guest with our nitro coffee that tastes like an old fashioned chocolate soda.


The new black

KAFVE’s Nitrogen Coffee is brewed over 18 hours to highlight the distinctive trait of the coffee. The ubiquitous cold brew coffee is infused with nitrogen gas through a pressurized valve with tiny holes, creating a rich creamy stout-like effect.

By serving it on tap, using nitrogen at low pressure will allow the coffee to remain as it was brewed. It is important to note that nitro coffee will remain stable and fresh tasting while hot brewed coffee flavor changes as it cools gradually.


Enhance, impress, refresh

KAFVE is proud to present our Nitrogen Bar to your exhibitions, seminars, conferences, product launches be it indoors or outdoors. Together, we can bring the art and novelty of nitrogen coffee alive to your event. It’s time to excite your guests with the unconventional nitrogen coffee and create a lasting impression towards your event!

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